John Berends Std Post Hole Digger. Complete with PTO Shaft and Gearbox. Frame can be used as a lifting jib with gearbox removed. Augers availiable (sold separately) from 4 to 24 inch. 

John Berends GM 40 Heavy Duty Disc Plough. 22" x 5mm Scallop Discs. Linkage with spring Breakout.

Linkage Disc Plough 10 plate 18" x 4mm scallop discs. With adjustable offset.

Rondini SPT160 Trailing Super Spreader.

Berends Carryalls
6' x 3'6" size
Option of metal floorplate or strong hardwood floor - not soft pine like cheap imports use
End Lugs allow operator to easily fit pipes to prevent materials such as fence posts rolling off
6' model has lift capacity of approx 1000kg.

Landscape Rakes
Light duty landscape rake for raking pasture lawns and final soil preparation on the driveway or horse arena.
32 x 10 hardened tines at 65mm centres
Three pitch settings control raking aggressiveness, including one float position.

Daken Ag Slashers - Various Sizes
Featured packed to suit Hobby, Farm and Contractor.  Features like floating headstock, laminated rotors, adjustable skids and quality components make a package built to work and last.
Available Sizes:
6ft Contractor Slasher

Berends Slashers - Various Ranges
TA Range
Light Duty movel for small to mediu,m HP tractors
3mm top deck
40 HP gearbox
Series 2 pto shaft with shearbolt rated at 900NM or optional series 4pto shaft with slip clutch (standard on 4'6" & 5' models)
3'4" (1.0m), 3'10" (1.2m), 4'6" (1.35m) and 5' (1.5m) sizes
Dual mount (centre & offset) with floating headstock
EP Rage
Medium Duty model for small to medium HP tractors
3mm top deck
40 HP gearbox - optional Italian upgrade
Series 4 Italian pto shaft with slip clutch)
3'4" (1.0m), 3'10" (1.2m), 4'6" (1.35m) and 5' (1.5m) sizes.
Dual mount (centre and offset) with floating headstock
Options include galvanizing, chain guards and wheelkits.
HD Range
Heavy Duty model designed for rugged conditions
6mm top deck
75 HP gearbox - optional Italian upgrade
Series 5 Italian pto shaft with slip clutch
5' (1.5m), 6' (1.8m)f and 7' (2.0m) sizes
Dual mount (centre and offset) with floating headstock
Standard with front/rear chain guards
Options include galavanizing and wheelkits
EHD Range
Extra Heavy Duty model designed to take real punishment
6mm top deck with strong cross member bracing
110 HP Italian gearbox
Series 8 Italian pto shaft with 4 plate slip clutch
Spring steel rotor with straight or stepped blades
6' (1.8m) and 7' (2.1m) sizes available in centre mount or offset
Standard with front/rear chain guards
Options include galvanizing and wheelkits.

Berends Standard Ripper and Pipe Layer
Suits 25 - 75 HP Tractors
150 x 32 Billet
Working depth of 500mm
75 x 16 Reversible point.
Bolt on pipelayer suits all single tine rippers
80mm inside diameter takes 50mm poly pipe.

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