New Kioti CK4210 Cab Tractor and 4in1 front loader. New model great features.

This Heavy duty compact trator is ideal for the rugged work load on your farm. Built to tackle any job with HST transmission, 3 cylinder diesel engine and heavy duty 3 point linkage.

Kioti CS2610 HST Tractor
The sub compact CS2610 delivers the versatility needed on all farms.  Whether it mowing, moving materials, digging holes or general clean up.  This tractor is the perfect employee for the job!  Twin pedal HST transmission allows quick forward and reverse motion.
Standard Features
26hp 4WD
Power Steering
Industrial or Turf Tyres
Ergonomic Operator Station
Large 1131cc Diesel Engine
Tight Turning Circle

Kioti CK3710 HST Rops Tractor
The new generation Kioti compact CK range comes with either manual or hydrostatic transmission.  With dual HST pedals or a 9 x 3 transmission, come and experience the new and powerful CK range.
Standard Features
37hp Daedong Diesel Engine
HST Transmission
Twin Pedal
Power Steering
Hydraulic Remotes (STD)
Flat Working Platform
Fold Down ROPS Frame

Kioti Tractor DK5810
The newDK5810 range is the most valuable compact tractor on the market.  With its innovative design, smooth transmission and improved performance to suit your farming needs.
Standard Features
58hp Daedond Diesel Engine
8 x 8 Syncro Shuttle Transmission
High Ground Speed
Power Steering
Flat Working Platform
Fuel Efficient 4 Cylinder Engine
Hydraulic Remote (STD)

Experience the new and powerful RX utility tractor.
With it's modern design and new generation CRDI engine it will make light work of any job.
The manual shuttle lever provides easy forward and reverse operation.
Standard Features include:
76hp Daedong Diesel Engine
Fwd/Rev Shuttle
24x24 Transmission
4-Wheel Drive with Diff Lock
Power Steering
Auto Hydraulic Independent PTO
level lift loader and detachable
Euro hitch 4 in 1 bucket
2/4 year warranty.

This heavy duty compact tractor is ideal for the rugged work load on your farm.  Built to tackle any job with its HST transmission, 3 cylinder diesel engine and heavy duty 3 point linkage.
Puts to rest any other 30hp tractor on the market.

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